Turn-Key Education Projects


We work as a TEAM with all partners as together we can make a difference.

All partners involved in the project have one objective:

To improve the system in the best way and the shortest time possible thus enabling the optimum return on investment.

And when we talk about partners we mean all parties involved: government, teachers, trainers, technology providers, finance partners who work with us to make the project a success.

How we can help

We start the projects by coming to work with you and visiting your country. We like to see how teaching is done and meet with students, teachers & parents. From there we can move forward with our plan to assist you.

Educational projects evolve around various areas that need to be addressed:


  • Understanding your educational challenges
  • What is your country’s objective?
  • Where do you focus your employment/industry?
  • How is the competency development for teachers structured?
  • What are the results of your students in school?
  • Are there many drop-outs?
  • What is Maths and Science education like?


  • Which technologies could assist in the solution of your educational challenge and make life easier for the teachers?
  • What training is needed to create a comfortable environment for the teachers?
  • What curriculum is taught and in what way can it be adapted to create a better understanding for students?
  • Is the pedagogy adapted to your educational vision?

Project plans

  • Transport plans
  • Logistics
  • Training plans
  • Curriculum comparisons

Financing the project

  • Concessional loans
  • Private Banking
  • Grants

Roll out in your country

Obviously, when all these items are answered, we work with you hand in hand to implement the roll out in your country. Moreover, we work with you to ensure that your country can independently run the program in the future.

  • Implementation & project team set up
  • Liaison with local authorities regarding logistics
  • Training the local trainers
  • Knowledge transfer to your country
  • Accountability: research projects, improvement of results

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