STCG_Logo_full copySTC-Group is the authority on (simulator assisted) training, technical assistance and research for the maritime and transport (related) industries.

STC-Group is a worldwide strategic combination of well-established education, training, research, technical assistance and implementation service providers. Services are provided to the following clusters:

  1. Sea transport and maritime related industries
  2. Port and terminals
  3. Transport and logistics
  4. Process industry and industrial maintenance, and energy

In the European Union – and most probably in world – STC is the market leader for activities mentioned above; from administrative and operational level up to including managerial level. The activities are supported by unique training centres with state-of-the-art full-mission simulators, and port, offshore and safety training centres. Competency, rules and regulations, efficiency, environment, safety and security are key issues in the services provided. The organisation of the STC-Group consists of both public and private entities. Under the public entity the following entities and/or activities are included:

  • Scheepvaart en Transport College (pre-vocational and vocational education)
  • Rotterdam Mainport University, being a higher- education institute (Bachelor-level)
  • Netherlands Maritime University (Master-level)

Under the private entity the following entities and/or activities are included:

  • Holdings in the Netherlands and abroad
  • STC B.V. (training, technical assistance and research)
  • STC-NESTRA (Netherlands Expert Group for Sustainable TRAnsport and Logistics; high-level consultancy and applied research in the fields of sustainable transport and logistics)
  • STC-Events (organisation of conferences and events)
  • STC-KNRM (knowledge, education and training institute for the offshore industry)

Centres of Excellence are operational in the Netherlands, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Oman, Vietnam, the Philippines, South Africa and Brazil already.

Facilities are under development in the following countries: Indonesia, West Africa (Ghana) and East Africa (Mozambique).

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Sander Wubbolts
Area Manager Africa
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

T: +31 10 448 6000
M: +31 6 511 99 084

Skype name : swubbolts

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